About us

Termitech is a renowned, well-established company, providing professional pest control services to private, commercial and institutional customers across the country. The company's services are available 24 hours a day.

Termitech uses an I.P.M. – integrated pest management – method of pest control. This is an environmentally friendly approach to pest control, striving to reach long term solutions based on ecological balance. This approach is based on knowing the pest and its surroundings together with varied means of treatment.

The aim is long-term reduction of the termite population, while taking into consideration public health, the environment, cost and profit.

Termitech endorses long-term service and takes upon itself the responsibility of customer satisfaction. Accordingly, the company's service is always available, reliable, efficient and beneficial. The company's team is always happy to come to the customer, valuate the situation, provide professional advice and do the best job possible.

Termitech specializes in surveying and inspecting lots prior to construction. This kind of careful survey can save time and money, as well as preventing unwanted future aggravation. The company is also authorized to issue Form 4 permits to municipalities and local councils.